Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun at the Kanching Waterfall

These are pictures of Baby Ayra with Mummy and Daddy. She's 11 months old and just starting to walk. She loves to be outdoors. Fotunately there is a lovely walkway and a park just below their apartment.
There are also places to see and quaint little old fashioned Japanese shops a 10 minute walk away from where their apartment is. The weather being what it has been these few days, we were able to walk almost everyday, visiting the little shops around the corner, just refreshing !!!

Still in Beautiful Japa

I guess I can't help but show you the wonders I saw. I hope you will all like these pictures and may one day come here to witness all this beautyn however fleeting it all is...

Wonders of Tokyo in the Spring

These pictures are taken when I visited Japan. It was perfect timing. The weather was superb, the flowers beautiful. I wish everyone could see what we saw, one of the many wonders Allah has bestowed on us, for us to see, feel and know the many, many beautiful things there are for us to notice.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Melur and Aryssa

Well, I just thought I'd share this picture with the family. This was taken last last Raya (2005), when we were all back in Seri Merlong, visiting relatives. Melur and Aryssa are such good friends. She's grown a bit since. We're so proud of her. Anyway... come visit her at our blog Kembara Melur & Arman

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Aryssa loves to ride on her bicycle. Here she is seen riding her bike at the Sri Aman gardens. She loves to ride fast. She has many scrapes as she has fallen off her bike often enough. she says "Hi Melor and Arman", we all miss you very much especially when we pass by the house you used to live in. Hope to see you before you changed too much.

Socks the Cat

This is Socks sitting on our bed. He is already spayed and so stays in the house most times. he is very affectionate, he has a shiny black coat which he grooms everyday. he is still as playful and runs around in the room. At night he often sleeps on the top bunk bed above the girls.

Socks says 'Meow' or Hello to Melor and Arman. He hopes you still remember him. His sister Koko has 6 kittens which we will show later